Since September 1995, Henry Faber has been designing as Remorseless Media.

rushing tunnel

In that time, he's produced work for clients all over North America, focusing on branding and print design.

Current Activities

Since March 1999, Henry has co-owned Bento Box– a Web business and application company that turns ideas into functioning, fully developed business models on the Web.

He ruminates at Professional Walking and attempts to show you what's on his mind at Flickr.

Henry is still available for private branding and design projects. He can be contacted here: .

Work Selections

Thanks for all the learning, growing, and fun (yes, even you difficult ones): Arnold Faber, Channel88, Circlesquare, Dish, Emilly Carr Institute of Art and Design, Green Room Media, Haddock Entertainment, Hank Mann, Jason James, Jazz at the Jack,, Lisa Quinney, Lunapads, Lymn, Magic Ass, Mark Achbar, Matt Hopper, MESH, Nancy Kyd, Rainmaker, Rebecca Jenkins, Relax Facts, Resonance Films, Robinson Agency, Rory Richards, Swebby, Taxi Magazine, Vibré, Vixen + Doll